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winter 2019

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winter 2018

43rd STREET FESTIVAL. september 15. richmond, va

CHARTREUSE & CO. september 21-23. frederick, md.


ART ON THE AVENUE. october 6. alexandria, va. 

CLOVER MARKET. october 21. bryn myer, pa. 


CHARTREUSE & CO. november 1-4. frederick, va.

EDGEMOOR ART & CRAFT. november 10. bethesda, md.

CRAFT + DESIGN. november 16-18. richmond, va.


OUT OF HAND. december 2. baltimore, md.

winter 2017


43rd STREET FESTIVAL. september 16


ART ON THE AVENUE. october 7  

BETHESDA ROW. october 14-15



CRAFT + DESIGN. november, 17-19


OUT OF HAND. december 3

winter 2016


WORKHOUSE FINE ARTS. september 10-11, lorton, va.

43rd STREET FESTIVAL. september 17, richmond, va.


ART ON THE AVENUE. october 1, alexandria, va.


EDGEMOOR ART & CRAFT. november 12, bethesda, md.

CRAFT + DESIGN. november 18-20, richmond, va.


OUT OF HAND. december 4, baltimore,md.

february 2017...

AMERICAN CRAFT COUNCIL . february 24-26, baltimore, md.september...

what they're saying


alison. annandale, virginia.

"I have been in love with Catherine's sweater & coat creations since I first saw them 20 yrs ago. Wearing these art pieces.......long, short, classic, fun and they bring a smile to the many people with whom you interact throughout your day. The most amazing thing is the sorting process. Every time you see a rack of Catherine's new designs and you begin to visually sort through the colors, textures, patterns and shapes....the ONE that is yours appears....and you know it was always meant for you. Thank you, Catherine....I am so glad our paths continue to intersect!"

ingrid. lewes, deleware.

"I never fail to get compliments on my Catherine Coloney textiles. Whether it is a wool sweater creation or her distinctive linens, the unique designs stand out. I love sharing an artist's work and promoting such creative style!"

vickie. bethesda, maryland.

"Your textiles are beautiful! I Love my cashmere scarf. It's my go to accessory".

lucy. arlington, virginia.

"I have been buying beautiful and durable sweaters from Catherine Coloney for about 15 years. I make a special effort to go to her shows almost yearly at the “Art on the Avenue” in Alexandria, VA. She is as special as her textiles. She is a true artist and lovely person. I usually go to buy one of her unique sweaters, scarfs, or wraps for Christmas presents but almost always end up buying one for myself. I keep telling myself I don’t need another one but every year they are different and so lovely that I give in.  I also have 2 of her blankets that are gorgeous and very warm. My only complaint, if you can call it one, is that people often stop and ask me if I made the sweater myself and I only wish I could say YES. She has a true gift". 

jane. silver spring, maryland

"I receive so many compliments every time I wear my coat. It is my absolutely, hands down favorite piece of clothing!" 

kim. raleigh, north carolina

"I simply love my Catherine Coloney cape. Her work is really impressive.I always receive compliments when I wear it!".

quick question...


where do you find your material?

wherever i can. i'm always looking. on the remnants table, in fabric shops, blankets, rummage sales & thrift stores. you would be amazed what people give away. love donations when anyone wants to purge. as long as it's 100% wool or cashmere, i can breath new life into it.

what is your design process?

every piece of artwork is created in a very fluid, organic way.  i use the colors & materials from my studio gathered from years of collecting. images locked up in my head flow from vision to machine & it isn't done until it's done.

where can i buy your work?

i sell my work at craft and design shows on the east coast. please check my events page for details of the upcoming winter season. i do post new work on my instagram page so please feel free to reach out if you see something interesting. 

are you sweaters sized?

i do not size my art wear in a traditional sense. personally, i find the fashion industry sizing system bewildering. women are not defined by that little tiny tag sewn into their clothing.  i encourage clients to try each piece on, think creatively & experience the energy sewn into each garment. it’s beautiful, you love it, it was made for you. if you can’t find a piece just right, come back. i am always creating. 

how do i clean my art wear?

dry cleaning is recommended.

favorite part about the design process?

the hunt & a blank canvass.